Lighting system Engineer

April 10, 2019

Report to: Exterior senior engineer

At Research & Development you will be a key contributor to the next generation outstanding luxury cars. Together with other engineers around the world, you and your team will create innovative human-centric car technology that makes life less complicated and more enjoyable for people. Are you interested in design and connected car technology? Do you share our passion for people, the environment and our urge to create a superior driving experience? Research and Development is the place for you to prosper.

As the lighting system engineer, you have the responsibility of lighting system from Pre Product Start to Job1. You will be responsible during prototype build and verification activities to identify the root cause for issues.



  • Responsible for project delivery on lighting system, to ensure projects are coordinated with technically feasible and aligned with design solutions, containable within budget and timing.
  • Create the system definitions and technical/Function requirement documents of lighting system for our cooperators like supplier, ME etc.
  • Introduce and implement advanced technical as Function, material, produce process etc. into the lighting system
  • As the expected that you will be responsible for delivering requirements on time, to quality, from Pre Product Start to Job1.
  • Responsible for new model launchand verification.
  • Other tasks assigned by manager



  • Recognize and embrace Geely culture.
  • Good knowledge in lighting system, strong on collaboration and coordination across functions.
  • Experience working in automobile OEM or Lighting supplier.
  • Positive attitude, resolute and high drive for results
  • Bachelor degree, 10+ years professional experience in area of bumper system
  • Knowledge of following computer based SW tools like Catia, Teamcenter and so on
  • Fluently speaking English for international communication and meeting.
  • Cultural awareness, especially China – European culture.


Additional information

  • High level of engagement to solve any issues and help others
  • Positive attitude, resolute and high drive for results
  • Flexible regarding travels, include testing ground, factory and dealer shops any place that calls for support. Each individual in our team has a high level of responsibility and mandate, and is expected to be able to work autonomously.

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