Managing Expert, Functional Safety

August 27, 2019


  • Research & specification of entire vehicle functional safety requirements
    • Body EE-systems
    • Chassis EE-systems
    • ADAS & Autonomous drive
    • EV-propulsion system
    • Vehicle physical components
  • Organization and recognition of entire vehicle systems functional safety criteria
  • Management of safety analysis including FMEA, FTA, DFA, FMEDA
  • Management of system- & component-level “HARA” safety targets
  • Procurement and coordination of required functional safety accredited documents
  • Consolidation and planning of/with accredited authorities
  • Leadership of functional safety trainings off-/on-site
  • Task-& progress-reports to related headquarters responsible FS counterparts
  • Leadership NPDS process conform milestone planning and execution
  • Project-state, Performance-target & -deviation reports to ESD & SI -leadership
  • Prepare and execute development work independent in acc. to development plan


  • 10+ years of working experience in Automotive R&D, functional safety
  • Long term background in functional safety requirements classification & certification
  • Excellence in ISO 26262
  • Certified FSCP level
  • Long term background in vehicle EE-Systems / Components design & development
  • Experienced background in automotive OEM & supplier industries
  • Experienced knowledge in vehicle development standards & processing
  • Long term experience in procurement and coordination of accredited certification process
  • Experienced in different cultural working environments
  • Excellent communication skills

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